You have infinite worth.
It's time you were treated that way.
With today's demands the modern woman can be a tremendous success and yet still feel like she's failing.

It becomes our own responsibility to show ourselves the care and respect worthy of a daughter of the Creator of all.  Through no virtue of your own you are an heiress of an infinite fortune - happiness, success and abundance beyond your dreams are your birthright.  But you must remember it and claim it.

I invite you to participate in a weekend event dedicated to sparking the remembrance of your divine heritage, standing proud and powerful as a woman and a feminine leader, and 
looking and feeling the part.

We don't feel valuable by default.

Many caring women find their way into a habit of putting the needs of everyone else first, eventually becoming lost to themselves, and settling for relationships and situations that don't celebrate the immensity of who we really are.

When the day ends frequently with a mile of to-do items left unchecked, it's easy to forget the seed potential and beauty of your soul, let alone nurture your emotions and your physical body.  Everyone suffers then...
but you can remember your value.
You can PROVE TO YOURSELF that you require (on occasion) a fabulous setting to rest in, just like the precious gem you are.  Yes, you can...
Feel Like A Billion!
You are cordially invited 
Friday & Saturday, June 18th & 19th, 2021
to join a select group of women 
for two days of elegance and respect
as together we explore the following;
  • Connection: You do not have to walk your path in isolation
  • ​Divine Identity: Understand more deeply your true individual worth
  • Your Subconscious: Learn to leverage the forces that drive you
  • ​Self Perception: How your view of self either slows or propels you
  • Resetting Internal Limits: Boundaries for self and others
  • Feminine Movement: Graceful, beautiful and yet commanding
  • Photography Angles: Learn secrets so you love every photo you take!
  • ​Unencumbering Self: Releasing the extra weight we carry
  • ​Confidence Celebration: Red Carpet Walk and ​Martinelli's after-party 
Friday & Saturday
June 18th & 19th, 2021
Country Club, 
Provo, Utah
A new version of yourself that you can never "unsee"
Black tie service
lunches and light dinners provided.
Professional group and gown photo
Learn to LOVE who you see in the mirror even more...

You sense your greatness.

and yet we so rarely have the chance to express it, until now...
What if you knew HOW to move and how to stand strong and powerfully in your own skin?  
What if the woman that looked out from your eyes was absolutely confident and unafraid?  
Join us and see...

weekend sketch...
Dress code:  Dressy-casual.  Black.  Comfortable and form fitting.

8:30 Doors open
9:00 Instruction; the importance of "finishing" as a woman,  self perception,  disabling sabotage
10:30 Instruction; unlocking your voice, declarations and expression
11:45 Instruction; moving the female form with grace and power
12:30 Light lunch in the Founders' Room
1:30 Independent time
2:30 Practical; isolating your best face and body angles
3:30 Instruction; body language basics for women (learn what you're saying...)
4:30 Practical; refining hip, hand and arm movements
5:30 Light dinner and independent time
7:30 Releasing what weighs you
8:30 Bonfire of Lies
9:30 Quiet time
Dress Code:  Business Casual (with accessories and heels if applicable), 
formal gowns for evening.

8:30 Doors open
9:00 Instruction; red velvet rope boundaries
10:30 Instruction; the art of self presentation
11:45 Practical; self presentation in earnest
12:30 Tea-room style lunch in the Timpanogos Room
1:30 Independent time
2:30 Instruction; walking, turning, showcasing
3:30 Change into GOWNS, hair and makeup by appointment, photographs
6:00 Mingle and light dinner appetizers in rotation
7:00 Red carpet showcase (every participant promenades)
7:30 Hilltop sunset photo opportunity
8:30 Alcohol-free club style after party

*subject to change
"Jenn is so loving and welcoming to anyone she meets. She sees the good in you and expresses it often. She is a ball of energy and love. You always feel welcome when you're around her. Jenn has a knack with knowing what is missing and 
needs addressing... 
I have loved working with her."
Heidi B.
"I was so impressed with what Jenn Gibbs put together in her two day virtual retreat. It was full of value and ideas that have already helped me... the value offered was above and beyond and anyone who was there benefited."
Becky K.
"Jenn is an amazing mentor and life coach. ... She is so positive and energetic. It's so infectious that you can't help but succeed. You can't go wrong with Infinite Step Mentoring! May you upgrade beyond your current imaginings."
Melody S.
"Jenn has awesome energy! I love how driven and insightful she is. She is one who doesn’t let things get in her way and she’ll teach you how to get the price you deserve from your clients."
Georgia A.
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  •  2 days limited access to Riverside Country Club ($665 per month to enter)
  •  16 hours of instruction and training from former model and world class mentor Jennifer Gibbs, Founder of Infinite Step Mentoring ($500 per hour value)
  •  Black tie lunches and light dinners provided (over $200 value)
  •  Professional hair, make-up, group and individual photo, Red Carpet walk ($1000 value)
  • ​Networking and breakthroughs with other high performing women (priceless)
That's nearly $10,000.00 of value!
Include yourself now...
Tickets just $997!
(Doors close Thursday 6/17/21 5pm MST)
(Discount shows at checkout - valid through noon MST 6/15/21)
Can I stay overnight?
Yes!  We encourage you to make this event a special memory and can provide hotel recommendations upon request.  The country club is centrally located in Utah County.

Can I bring a friend?
Of course you are welcome to share these transformative moments with someone special to you.  Each ticket admits one and we anticipate selling out quickly, so act right away to secure and additional seat.

Are babies allowed?
We honor mothers, and also recognize the value of underscoring their role as a woman and individual, so for this event no children or babies will be admitted.
What if I have a special diet?
Meals and snacks have been planned with the dietary habits of beautiful, self-respecting women in mind.  Should your require vegetarian or any special concessions please make us aware immediately and we are happy to accommodate.

What about special needs?
Riverside Country Club is happy to assist you with mobility as needed.  All activities will be held on the main floor.

If I love this event can I attend again?
In response to the excitement over Feel Like A Billion, we anticipate hosting the event again in the future.  Should we choose to do so, it will vary slightly and will still be unique and confidence building at an even higher level.
Make your statement. Claim your place.
You belong with us.
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