to Meet 1 on 1
with Jennifer Gibbs
This is an invitation to mentor with me personally for experienced women in business, realtors, coaches, service professionals, career women and female leaders who are already doing well professionally, and see that they are capable of another level of success (but understand that they get in their own way), and are wanting some help to fine-tune their thought patterns and habits 
to reach their business and personal goals 
more quickly, efficiently and profitably.

Where are your people?!

A Special Training And Gift For Entrepreneurs

Profitable Self Perception Mentoring explores:

Over 12 weeks Jenn works with you in personalized 90 minute private mentoring appointments.
1.  Step Zero:
You are here - Evaluation of where you really are at present
What to measure
2.  Future Window:
Mission and Purpose
Path to Clarity
Cultivating Burning Desire and Future Pull
3.  Untying the Knots That Bind You:
Why are you not already there?
Untangling old beliefs and habits
Your Personal Power Statement
Unlocking your voice
4.  Leveraging your Subconscious:
Your Vital Opinion of Self (VOS)
Level 1 Self Leadership - Developing Self Trust
5.  Managing Destructive and Self Sabotaging Patterns of Behavior
Understanding how you operate (Subconscious Mind)
Building self-supportive systems (Vision Maps / Vision Broadcasting)
Energy Management Techniques & Mood Triage
6.  Confidence
“Do you like me?” (what photos of you say to people)
Pose like a Pro (face and body positioning for impact and authority)
Purposeful, powerful movement
7.  Managing Fear and Negativity
Isolating where these slow or stop you
Combat techniques
8.  Advanced Self Leadership
Emotional Leadership
Background Voice Management
Time Multiplication
Compassionate Boundaries for Self and Others
Increasing Self Trust
Allowing Fulfillment

  • Helping you discover where you stop yourself from progressing
  • ​Uncovering business and personal shifts to move you to your next level faster
  • ​Daily accountability to spot and call out your self-sabotaging behaviors
  • ​Business insights for sales, marketing and growth (if you own a business)
  • ​Creating a work / life balance that feels “on track” in all areas
  • ​Bringing out your potential for higher performance
  • ​Managing emotional triggers, personal energy and feminine power
  • ​Improved physical health markers, body freedom and confidence
  • ​Continued focus to keep you aligned with your purpose
  • ​Enhancing life fulfillment, meaningful relationships and personal satisfaction WITHOUT sacrificing professional goals.

To gain the most from mentoring, the best candidates will already be high performers in at least one area (professional/business, fitness, influence, etc.), already have done a significant level of personal development, be ready to accept responsibility for the results they see in their life, and be willing to make internal shifts to see new outcomes.

You'll receive...

  12 weeks of my personal care, attention and focus to MOVE you and your business
  Seven personal 1:1 mentoring appointments with me (90 minutes each, bi-weekly)
  Direct access to me and daily 1:1 accountability via Voxer app (except Sundays)
  Unlimited access to my self development worksheets, training videos and instructions 
  Deeper understanding of yourself and attaining the results you seek in your life and business
  Access to outside resources I recommend that benefit you specifically on your path

You'll notice...

      Greater focus, speed and momentum in achieving you big goals and desires
      Elevated feelings of happiness, accomplishment, and fulfillment
      Increased clarity and data to accelerate progress and adjust toward your goals
     Subtle peer pressure with biased toward action and growth
      A "safety net" of moral support, lending you confidence to think and risk bigger
      A place you can be your real self, without judgement, and work through challenges
      Increased sense of life balance as all areas come into greater alignment
      A feeling of personal satisfaction as you progress on the path of your purpose

    The right mentor helps you break free from being stuck and

    I am not able to work with everyone personally so please message me directly and let's explore whether working together would be a fit.  

    I look forward to increasing the speed of your success!

    Explore What 12 Weeks of Profitable 
    Self Perception Mentoring can do for you.

    The investment for this program is very low compared to the outcome of discovering and shifting the patterns that currently cost you and hold you back, plus the time, money and energy you’ll recover in the process. Most of my clients experience a dramatic shift not only in their income, but also in their personal life as they internalize new concepts of self-leadership, and gain confidence from seeing their life take new shape.

    I will be raising the program fee soon to the five-figure level, probably this year, but as of right now I'm keeping it well under that given current economic conditions, just to keep it a no-brainer.

    The practices I share with you in this program are the same ones I personally use to bring in six figures year after year in my business, maintain a 
    healthy marriage, feel confident and strong in my physical body, 
    and experience spiritual connection.

    If you're interested in this offer, the next step is simple: Send me a PM on Facebook
    Just let me know that you're interested in the mentoring with me personally. I'll write back with a few questions to help determine whether the program is a fit for you and your goals. We'll have a quick chat back and forth and if we both agree it's a fit, I can help you enroll the same day, and your new pace for success can begin immediately.

    *If you're not on Facebook, email
    to start the conversation.

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