The key to confidence is in your subconscious.

Learn the secrets to directing your mind in the "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy

Get Your Free Copy of the "textbook" on YOU.

How long can you keep this up?

Think about that.

You want to be a MORE powerful leader, MORE profitable, MORE influential.  
You PUSH for higher and higher levels.  People rely on you.

You seek to scale, build team, create your vision.

You are the one that can make it happen.  You may be the ONLY one that can make it all come together.  But there is only so much of you to go around.  

Your work is your passion, your obsession.  Most people just shake their head - they don't get you.

YOU ARE DRIVEN to achieve your objectives.

You want a thriving business that doesn't stress you out.  You want success AND lifestyle.  You want it all.

You have done remarkably to this point.  
But there is a wall- something stopping you from attaining the next level, from breaking through.  It eludes you.  You KNOW you are capable of more.  You know that lingering here is costing you.

"Yes, I can help you"

You see, you don't have to wait for a crisis.  You don't have to let guilt or burnout sneak up on you.

I've been there, and I can guide you through.

If you have been struggling in your business, you don't have to.  I've learned through struggle and error a dozen ways business doesn't work, and the pattern for what does.  Let's get this handled for you once and for all.  Empowered with the right mindsets and skillsets, your whole life will blossom and your business can explode!

Mindset -> Skillset -> Bodyset

 I teach them all.

After hearing people tell me over and over "you should be a coach" here I am.  You CAN have a thriving business you love.  You CAN have flow and peace and meaningful relationships.  You CAN find appropriate work-life ratios.  No more trying to figure it out alone. 

Your vision is worthy.  It's your turn for support.

I help driven high performers
- recognize their Infinite worth
- manage their personal power &
- master the mindsets and skillsets required to create a life that EXCEEDS their expectations, 
while refining themselves and lifting others.

"You bring high voltage energy and a positive push to inspire them 
To be bigger and better!"
                                      - R. Mix

Here's What People Are Saying...

"In working with Jenn over the last 3 months,
 I've made more progress in my business than I have in the last 4 years...she's a genius at what she does!"
"I'm loving my life, loving my lifestyle, and I'm loving my freedom...  Thank you for showing me 
what I'm capable of doing."
"Our experience was amazing"
"I was very impressed"
"We're looking forward to working with Jenn again"
Tiffany, Gordon, Louise, Adam...
"I definitely would highly recommend Jenn.  
She's the real deal and I loved working with her."
Some companies Jenn has worked with...
Dr. Steven R.
"You seriously rock! I appreciate your wisdom and mentorship about being a good business owner. Thanks so much."
Tatia J.
"I never really thought that way before.  Wow."
Ijeva B, Hawaii
"Absolutely you've been awesome. You've showed me the
sky's the limit!"
Will T, Texas
"Woman, you are a healer.  After talking with you I have a lot of confidence..."
Sandy C., Mississippi
"I really appreciate your help."
Rachael K, Professhional Svcs
"Jenn is the best! She does fantastic work and loves the people she works with. "
Ashley, Manager
"Thank you for being polite and professional. It's wonderful brand partners like yourself that make working for our company such a blessing."
Jonny C, Broker
"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Jenn. She is honest, dependable and incredibly hard working...Without a doubt I confidently
 recommend Jenn."
"What you told me really resonated."
Michael M, United Kingdom
"It's really helped. I can actually feel myself making the great steps toward my potential now!"
Ivonne P, Realtor
"I had noticed I had some mental road blocks in my career keeping me from moving on to the next level. After just one meeting she showed me several techniques I could use to eliminate those challenges and keep them from coming back."
Omar B, Washington DC
"I'm becoming more confident, knowing who I am and my value...that has been making a tremendous impact"
Vic M, California
"Just wanted to thank you for your words, encouragement and support for my dreams - Means a lot!"
Amy R, Trainer
"My experience with Jenn Gibbs was amazing. She opened my eyes to things I would never think to try and think outside the box. She was very easy to work with... She is a great mentor."
Bailey T, Utah
"Thank you! I appreciate who you are!"
Debby H, Texas
"Some people are called to coaching"
Chelsea F, Presenter
"I love how passionate you are about life! You make me want to be better".
Nomsa, United Kingdom
"There is a way out of my situation...I can achieve and be where
 I need to go."
Sue L , Artist
"I just wanted to report on a very successful day... Color me happy and feeling empowered. Thank you!""
Simon C , Attorney
"I can say that very, very few have made such an impression as you did. You really are exceptional."

Gypsy (world traveler)

Outdoor lover

Mom to 4 (plus their spouses!)

Married to college sweetie 27 years

Sunshine addict, optimist

Imperfect gal still on her path


  • ​Bachelor of Arts degree, California State University, Chico
  • ​Lifestyle Coaching certificate completed through AFAA 2015
  • Elite ​​​Mentoring certificate completed through 3 Key Elements 2017
  • ​​Has owned 14 businesses (including Utah Shores Real Estate team)
  • ​Business Strategist, Mindset Mentor and Founder of Infinite Step Mentoring
  • ​Top Producer in sales, multiple industries
  • ​Diamond Coach rank with Beachbody 2013
  • ​​Chalene Johnson's Marketing Impact Academy 2014 (online marketing)
  • ​Senior Trainer with Blendfresh 2015
  • ​​IGNITE Instructor, Keller Williams Westfield 2019-2018 (negotiation specialty)
  • ​Franchisee, HOTWORX Sauna Studios​ 2019
  • ​Continuing Education Instructor, State of Utah, Real Estate Division 2020
  • ​MANY happy clients and success stories!


  • Started studying subconscious mind at age 15
  • ​Has advised hundreds of students worldwide
  • ​Expert at identifying limiting beliefs
  • ​Rookie of the Year 2016 Keller Williams, State of Utah and Westfield brokerage
  • ​Franklin Covey - Corporate Services
  • Costco Wholesale - Administration, Inside and Outside Marketing
  • ​​AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor (Zumba, PiYo, Insanity, U-jam, Drench)
  • ​Competed in amateur Beachbody fitness competition
  • ​Runway and hair model in Italy and US, speaks Italian
  • ​Hosted multiple large client events
  • ​RAGNAR Wasatch Back race finisher 2019
  • ​​Mother of four amazing children
  • ​Married 27 years


  • Feeling good
  • ​​Reading and personal development
  • ​Dance fitness and weight training
  • ​Crushing it in business
  • ​Hiking, exploring and travel
  • ​Wakeboarding, boating and SUNSHINE
  • ​Helping people see their Divine Nature
  • ​Outrageously bold self expression
  • ​Solving challenges and winning games
  • ​Faith based reading and fulfilling my life calling
  • ​​Hanging out with those cool people I made (my kiddos) and my sweetie
  • ​Destination spas, fine dining & excellent service
  • ​Creating cool stuff and getting goals.
  • ​COLLECTING WINS and helping others do the same


Approved Photos

As a consistent top producer in sales across multiple industries, and a successful entrepreneur and mentor, Jennifer's true purpose has become guiding others (especially small business owners) to understand and leverage the powerhouse of their own subconscious mind, and upgrade their view of self, 
while refining themselves and lifting others.

Approved Bio

For decades Jenn has been a student of personal development, subconscious mind and business. Her first dozen business attempts ended in failure, teaching hard lessons first-hand about the struggles that face entrepreneurs desperately trying to build a profitable business. 

Refusing to give up, and learning from her own mentors, Jenn discovered how to combine age old truths with some missing pieces, exponentially  expanding her results. What she found took her from zero to exploding through the six figure ceiling year after year in her own business.

To make her process more accessible to others, she refined one of her best tools into a system she calls the MODEL BRAND METHOD It's focus;
1. M - Myself: I must first believe in self before I can achieve
2. O - Others; Fulfillment in life and growth in business come from working with people
3. D - Develop Your Message - To stand out you must have clarity of purpose and be able to communicate it well
4. E - Express Your Message - Then you must connect with those who need to hear your message
5. L - Lift Others: As you inspire people to take action with your their lives are improved.

This system allows her clients to experience new levels of personal value, fulfillment and excellence in their career or business.  Whereas many life coaches focus on working through past traumas, Jenn's proven mentoring methods remain focused on the desired future outcome and the most efficient way to get there.  "Creating a life that exceeds expectations" includes both business and personal areas.

Along the way Jenn has developed somewhat of a "superpower" for identifying and transforming limiting beliefs that hold people back from success, and also for seeing synergies in business and marketing that can increase growth for all involved.  

Her background in modeling and fitness play a large role in helping others learn the physical components of success (it's not all mindset!) and these show up as she teaches self presentation, sales posturing, body confidence, silent influence, and full self expression in your physical space.

As a mentor, Jenn has impacted hundreds of men and women all over the world, helping them gain strength and confidence through higher self perception, giving them tools to navigate and succeed in the turbulent waters of business,  pointing out pitfalls to avoid, and ultimately helping them unlock their potential so they can create a business and life they love.

When not guiding group or personal mentoring sessions, speaking or training, Jenn loves being present with her family, relentlessly learning, adding new experiences to her bucket, dancing, sunshine and feeling good!


  • Hire Jennifer To Speak or Train At Your Next Event
Sales cannot help but be upgraded when the salesperson is upgraded, and therefore the best investment you can make is in your salespeople themselves.  

Reach out today to check availability on Jennifer's speaking schedule and see the difference that happens when your people see themselves differently.
  • Business, Mindset, or Both
Whether business related or not, our energy shifts as we better understand how we work.  From understanding our true value and purpose, to learning the keys to focus through specific repeatable actions, and having fun in the process, Jennifer can help you enjoy the journey and discover even more than you knew was there all along.
Jennifer may be available to appear as a guest on your podcast or show, speak at your event or summit, or to submit an article for your blog or publication. Please include a website link with your inquiry to see if collaborating would be a good fit. Thank you.

Jennifer's Mentors

Everyone needs mentors.  Here are a few of mine.

Chalene Johnson
Creator of Marketing Impact Academy, Courageous Confidence Club & the workouts PiYo and Turbo Jam, best selling author and social media influencer.  Lessons:  Kick major bootie in business while staying classy & dancing!
Dallin and Karree Larsen
Founders of  Vasayo (network marketing).  Lesson learned:  change people's lives!
Tony Robbins
Personal Development mogul. Biggest lesson: change your "state" and awaken your giant within.
Utah Jazz Bear
You may be swept off your feet at any moment - always be ready for fun!
Jim Sinegal
Founder and former CEO of Costco Wholesale, the first warehouse club concept. Learned from Jim: treat people right and they stay loyal.
Tony Horton
Creator of P90X workouts.  Lesson learned: You are stronger than you believe you are. 
Chris Voss
FBI Negotiator and author of "Never Split The Difference". Lesson: Your connection with people makes the difference
Diana Kokoszka
Founder and former CEO of KW MAPS Coaching, the largest coaching organization in the world.  Lesson:  YOU determine your value.
Kirk and Kim Duncan
Founders of the personal development company 3 Key Elements. Lessons learned: 1) Love the people. 2) Take your message to the world.
Chris Smith
 Author of "Conversion Code" and founder of Curaytor marketing systems.  Lessons:  MARKETING!
Leandro Carvalho
Creator of Brazil Butt Lift and trainer to supermodels. Lesson: Keep your body beautiful by enjoying movement.
Lindsay Matway
Model, business leader and team builder. Lesson: Don't let your past dictate your future.
Lisa Nichols
Star in the movie "The Secret", best selling author and captivating speaker. Lesson: Shine brightly for the whole world to see, you are a superhero!
Carl Daikeler
Founder of Beachbody fitness and nutrition company. Lesson: repeated action pays off.
Julian Gargiulo
Internationally known concert pianist and childhood friend - follow your dreams!
Shaun T.
Creator of INSANITY workout, T25, motivational speaker.  Lesson:  to help more people, get a bigger stage.
Is it finally your turn to have a mentor guide you?
See what might be possible...
At Infinite Step Mentoring we believe you have LOTS of untapped potential and we're here to help you find it.
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