You've never seen anything like this!

You want a thriving business.  You want it profitable, meaningful AND you want a life.  
Join us for two packed days of fresh ideas: 
✨ Building core confidence to succeed
💃 Standing out in a crowded marketplace
💗 Feel-Good-Selling in the new age
👩 Pajama Messy Bun Zoom Sleepover...
🛀 Bubble Bath Break?!
Business coach and mindset mentor Jenn Gibbs has designed an EPIC online event to mimic a LIVE women's retreat as closely as possible!

This will NOT be sitting at your computer falling asleep while you try to learn to sell more.  You will be actively engaged (within your own space), both independently and with other sharp gals.  
Energy!  Synergy!  Friendships!  We don't have to give those up!  Plus
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Here's A Summary of What You Will Learn:
Profitable Perception #1
It IS possible to stand out in the new market.
How to stand out these days?  Boldly be YOU and clearly communicate (fast!) how you help people.  How?  
You'll learn here...
Profitable Perception #2
Caring is the new Selling - Your Business is a Blessing
No more high pressure oudated techniques!  Learn Feel-Good-Selling techniques that stem from empathy, problem solving and making a difference.  
 Profitable Perception #3
Orienting your habitual patterns for success and money.
Old subconscious patterns can slow us when we promote and sell in our businesses.  Spot and shift sabotage to profit faster, while loving yourself and sales.
Profitable Perception #4: 
Ditch Doubt.  
You can do this. You have what it takes.
Self doubt can try to stop you, but learn from women who have made it to THE TOP and learn how to get there yourself.
Profitable Perception #5: 
You are good enough to win right now (even tho imperfect!)
You are like no other.  See how your FLAWS differentiate you and what it really takes to make it big.  There's no need to wait any more.
Profitable Perception #6: Participate in their Transformation 
(Natural Enrolling)
We move economies by helping our customers take action with us.  Learn how to beckon them in a way they (and you) will love!
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Retreat & Sleepover Schedule
Day 1:  Tuesday, December 29th, 2020
Dress Code:  Business Casual
 8:00-10:50 Arrive at your Venue; Pre-Event Hotel Check-in or Tidying 
        Yessss! We encourage you to break away from your normal for this transformative experience!  Tidy a space at home, or better yet find a local hotel and make it a staycation celebration.
 10:50-11:00 Event Check-in
        Log into the virtual auditorium, dance to the music, and join the buzz!
 11:00 Welcome and Event Kickoff & Jenn Gibbs Presents:
Programming Your Subconscious Mind for Sales and Success
 12:00 Jennifer Yeo: Raising the Bar & Explosive Business Growth
 1:00 Becky Kemp:  Words Matter! 
 Create the life you want with the power of words.
 2:00 Nancy Price:Planet Beach & HOTWORX: Building Franchises
 3:00-4:00 Carly Brecheisen: Jiggle is Good - Love That Body!
 4:00-7:00 Self Guided Gourmet Dinner
 7:00-8:00 Self Guided Contemplation & Journal Break
 8:00-9:00 Self Guided Home Spa & Bubble Bath
 9:00-10:00 Virtual Sleepover: Laura Brotherson, LMFT, CST Presents Sexual Wholeness-7 Keys To Embracing & Empowering Your Feminine Self
        Relax and log back into zoom for our virtual slumber party!  Make sure you pack your favorite PJ's, let your hair down (or put it in a messy bun!)
 10:00-10:45 Pajama Networking© Breakout Rooms [VIP only]
     Be ready for making friends and girl talk in private zoom rooms.
 11:00 Lights Out (still talk to your friends if you're in the same room!)
    Then off to sweet dreams until our "funrise" invigoration in the morning!
Day 2:  Wednesday, December 30th, 2020
Dress Code:  Fitness
 8:00-8:45 Feminine Movement, Cardio & Stretch with Carly Brecheisen
        Get your energy flowing with a "Funrise" class of light cardio.  Learn easy dance steps as Carly shows you what to do with your beautiful female hips!  "Dance like no one is watching..."
 8:45-9:00 Body Gratitude and Guided Meditation
        Next take a moment for self love, body acceptance and some beautiful visualization that will leave you feeling centered, secure and supported.
 9:00-11:00: Self Guided Beautification & Breakfast
        Shower up and dress up for another exciting Girls Day Out (on the internet!).  Please come to class in makeup, accessories, dress shoes, etc.  Dress for success!
Day 2 Virtual Classes
This session dress code is Business Dress :) 
 11:00-12:00 Ginna Tassanelli: Styling Yourself and Your Brand
 12:00-1:00 Leta Greene: Daily Morning Makeover and Mindset
 1:00-2:00 Fabi Paolini: Brand Strategy and Compelling Message
 2:00-3:00 Holly Porter: Closing The Gap To Prosperity
 3:00-4:00 Barbara Huson: Author - Secrets of Six Figure Women
 4:00-5:00 Contests, Action Items & Tearful Farewell to your new friends
You'll have so much excitement and clarity to power into 2021 like a boss!
Grab Your seat Now!
  our retreat panel of business experts:
Building A Brand
That Attracts
Fabi Paolini
Fabi Paolini is a master of helping women find and communicate their unique brand message - learn to turn your secret sauce into salsa!
Sexual Wholeness & Self Worth
Laura Brotherson, LMFT, CST
Being fully confident to stand out includes accepting and embracing all parts of you.  See how understanding your Sexual Wholeness enriches your life and abundance.
Women, Wealth and Power
Barbara Huson (formerly Stanny)
Best selling author of "Secrets of Six Figure Women", wealth coach and financial therapist Barbara has empowered millions of women to live up to their financial and personal potential.
Embrace Your 
Inner Hotness
Leta Greene
Speaker, author, leader of teams, TEDx Speaker, and creator of Hotness, Leta simultaneously entertains and teaches to embrace what makes us individually hot and amazing.  
Explosive Market Growth
Jennifer Yeo-Birschbach
Starting as a leader in sales production, Jennifer is rocking the Utah real estate market by opening 9 brokerage offices in record time, using the power of relationships and service.
Idea to Hundreds of Locations - Scaling Nationwide
Nancy Price
VP of Sales for Planet Beach and  Senior Vice President of HOTWORX (infrared hot exercise studios), Nancy takes big thinking and big money to a whole new level.
Healthy Lifestyle, Business Endurance
Jennifer Morris
Crossfit owner and network marketing leader, Jennifer has experienced success in brick and mortar business, supplement sales, and fitness competitions .  Learn the flexibility and endurance to make your passions work.
"Jiggle is 
Carly Brecheisen
Celebrated dance fitness instructor and founder of the "Jiggle is Good" Movement, Carly helps women embrace their bodies and selves just as they are right now.  Don't worry how you compare!
Personal Style & Personal Brand
Ginna Tassanelli
Personal and business brand stylist and social media manager, Ginna brings color and fun and accessories to show you how to stop the scroll of potential clients while you look and feel like a million bucks!
Your Words Shape 
Your World
Becky Kemp
Discover How to put on “The Word Effect” in your story and live the dreams you have always desired. Words Matter! Create the life you want with the power of words.
International Business & Being Multi-Passionate
Holly Porter
Author, owner of a Publishing company, Imports Facilitator, Author Guide, Real Estate Broker...helping Visionaries be recession resistant and Close the Gap to Prosperity .

Self Care & 
Inner Peace 
Ezralea Robbins
Owner of a massage studio and day spa, Ezralea knows the stresses of women running businesses.  She'll walk us through finding resources within ourselves we didn't realize were there.
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About your hostess Jenn Gibbs
Jenn has been a top producer in sales across multiple industries including retail, fitness, coaching, real estate, network marketing, nutrition and high ticket sales.  

She built her own six figure business and now helps other entrepreneurs get crystal clear and crystal confident so they can enroll clients in a way that feels good to all involved.

Her philosophy is that helping someone commit (enroll!) helps them better their life and is a kindness.  It's one of the best ways to serve!
  •  💗 Love Yourself
  •   💲 Love Selling (💗 the people)
  •  💎 Fund Your Perfect Life
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